Harry Hindmarsh   |   P H O T O G R A P H Y





Within a lifetime, there are limitless paths laid before us, and we often choose (or avoid) the ones we believe to be the most rational, responsible, or admirable. I’ve realized that when you truly believe in what you are doing and approach it with a genuine passion and clear intentions, things seem to fall into place naturally.

 There are moments that define your life. Moments when everything you are and everything you may possibly become balance on the thread of a single experience. You follow your intuition, make a decision, and eventually realize that, for better or worse, nothing will ever be the same. For me, picking up a camera changed the way I see life.

Photography and fishing are two of my deep passions. The arts have always been my calling and I truly love seeing the world from my vantage point. While you see photos, these are days from my life. For every photo you see, there was a trip, a plan or an inspiration behind that moment.

My approach to photography isn’t typical. Finding the best shot motivates me and I’ll stop at nothing to make it happen. I’m a chronic work-a-holic that’s fueled by my love for life and passion for the arts.

Photography takes me all over the world and nothing makes me happier than hearing the response from clients and customers as they experience the life I’m seeing through my lens.

I’ve tried to remain true to my soul focusing only on things that make me happy and contribute to my creative interests. Most of the work on this site is a result of that choice. I love hearing from my friends, family, and followers. Enjoy!

 Harry Hindmarsh